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Motor Vehicle Offenses

Helping Clients Understand Motor Vehicle Law in Portland, ME

Being arrested for an offense -- especially driving while intoxicated -- can be both a confusing and stressful experience. At times, it may seem like you’re caught up in a nightmare that won’t end. Fortunately, you have legal options to pursue. When you’re facing charges of this nature, it’s in your best interest to seek counsel from a legal representative well-versed in motor vehicle law in Portland, ME

Mark V. Hewes Attorney at Law has spent more than three decades defending drivers facing charges for a wide range of driving infractions. In that time, our legal team has focused heavily on those who were charged with operating a vehicle under the influence. We know OUI law, and know that convictions carry severe penalties. That’s why we aim to put all our experience and knowledge to work for our clients in their time of need. Don't hesitate when you find yourself needing a dedicated representative. We’ll examine the intricacies surrounding your situation and work to give you the best chance possible of earning a positive outcome at any stage of the legal process.

Helping Clients Understand Their Situations

If you’re potentially facing the steep charges of an OUI, it’s possible that you could see jail time, along with the suspension and even revocation of your driver’s license. That’s why it’s important to act swiftly following an arrest. You need to quickly get in touch with knowledgeable representatives who understand the ins and outs of local motor vehicle laws and the most effective ways to build a strong defense.

When you contact our law firm, we’ll closely examine your case to develop a full understanding of the facts of the traffic stop and the charges you are facing. Afterward, we take that knowledge and will thoroughly explain to you where you stand, so you know how to best proceed. Don't hesitate to call us if you are seeking the support of a traffic charges lawyer or matters of family and probate law. We look forward to serving your needs however you see fit.

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